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The picturesque fishing village of Naoussa on the northern coast of Paros in the Cyclades is the island’s second largest town and justifiably oft-referred to as one of the most beautiful towns in all the Greek islands. Historically important as a fortress, Naoussa is today a must-see for visitors to Paros as the idyllic town so deftly manages to combine classic history and architecture, a stunning natural setting and yet still exude cosmopolitan flair.

Naoussa veritably exudes charm; from the colorful fishing boats swaying along the quay in the harbor to its sugar-cube white-washed Greek houses draped in bright bougainvillea and its narrow, labyrinthine white-washed cobbled walkways. The town is a finely blended cocktail of classic Greek island life mixed with sophisticated modernity.

Naoussa is built amphitheatrically around the small port which is always dotted with brightly-painted fishing caiques and where the ruins of a Venetian castle still stand silent sentinel. The fortress and the design of the town are due to Naoussa’s historical importance as the island’s fortress against foreign invaders, which explains the narrow, maze-like winding cobbled streets that previously were vital for deterring invaders but today are so irresistibly inviting for visitors from around the world who happily wander aimlessly, enjoying the splendor of this captivating town.

Amidst this picture-postcard piece of Greek island perfection you will also find numerous upscale boutiques and designer shops, cafes, bars and fine-dining restaurants alongside traditional Greek tavernas as well as trendy modern nightclubs and discos where the nightlife regularly throbs until the early morning hours.

In addition to the day and night delights of Naoussa, the town is within easy reach of some of the best beaches on Paros, either by foot, car, bus or small water-ferries. The most well-known of the nearby beaches adorning the Bay of Naoussa are Kolimbithres with its striking rock formations and golden sands and Monastiri, both easily reached from town and ideal spots for swimming, sunbathing, watersports and seaside dining.

With something for everyone, Naoussa is a small slice of Greek island perfection...